Friday, April 21, 2017

Happy Easter!!!!

Happy Easter everyone!!! I know this is a super late post, but you know what they say better late than never. For Easter this year my girl cousin decided to meet up to color boiled eggs. Now you may be asking aren't you too old to be doing that stuff? My answer to that question are never to old to have fun and make memories with your loved ones. My cousin Carolyn set up different colors of food dyes mixed with vinegar and water for us to use. We boiled a couple of eggs and put our creative minds to work.

Stairs on 16th Ave. Bay Area

 The stairs on 16th Avenue is a sight to see for every visitor that comes to the bay area. It is beautifully built and every flight has a different theme. Just a note to travelers that want to stop by these steps. There are going to be lots of other travelers taking pictures by these stairs, so be prepared to wait your turn. It took forever to take pictures as if there was no one else there. 
 This sun pattern is so much prettier in person, the camera can only capture so much. Climbing flight after flight can be really exhausting, especially if  you're not an active person like moi. But the carefully placed tiles and the art keeps you motivated to keep climbing those stairs. :)
Here is another beautiful example of the different themes the stairs have. I love the sun and the moon designs the most. Just the contrast between the two leaves you in awe. Don't get me wrong the other stairs are will leave you breathless as well. If you do visit have a fun time and remember to be safe.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

The Poppies!!!

Antelope Valley is a place that you have to go to see the beautiful poppies fields. The weather was a bit on the windy side, but the sun was out and about making the fields glow with an orange hue. There are 3 different trails for all hikers to experience during their visit to park. My cousins and I took my mom to get some fresh air and see the poppies fields and she loved it! There was only some patches of poppies, but as the day went by more and more flowers came out.  

My beautiful mother enjoying the fresh air and the poppies!!
One of the patches of Poppies that was in bloom.

Just enjoying nature.